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11 February 2021

Over many years Fortafix has built an enviable reputation for innovative solutions and has long been recognised for its technical development in sealing, joining and surface protection within a wide range of challenging industries.

Stuart Smith, operations manager, explains: "Our products have proven indispensable across a broad field, from laboratory and testing facilities to the petrochemical and nuclear power industry. As examples, we have developed products which can take the form of compounds and match sensors and substrate expansion; refractory binders designed to seal detectors used in the steel industry; and unique fire-resistant coatings created to bond insulation materials."

In recent years the technical team at Fortafix has been approached and asked to provide a novel fire protection solution. The company, having extensive experience in the field, was asked to help fix mounting pins to concrete and steel tunnel sections in place of the current method of mechanical fixings which were proving to be a health and safety hazard. Fortafix worked exclusively with the client to develop a product which could overcome significant environmental and application issues, creating a system which has been nothing less than ground-breaking in its impact. In a short period of time the system has attracted global interest with the company experiencing a significant growth in exports, especially in Asian markets.

A strength of Fortafix is its ability to produce 'own brand' labelled products at relatively small scales. This helps companies establish themselves in new markets with minimal risk in low volume investment. Fortafix can produce, dispense and label a wide range of materials and pack sizes. In addition, the company can also call on a number of well-established contract packaging companies to produce specialist packing solutions. Stuart explains, "We would be pleased to talk to any company which has identified a requirement for an adhesive, sealant or coating requirement but is unable to source suitable materials at the right volumes."

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