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TEXFORM insulating Jackets & Heatshields

High temperature insulation helps you reduce and manage costs, improve safety, reduce heat loss and CO2 emissions. As a manufacturer and supplier of industrial insulations, Fortafix offers one of the widest ranges of insulation materials available in the market, offering bespoke solutions and services to commercial and industrial markets. Jacket and heatshield applications come in a variety of shapes and forms and, with our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, Fortafix is able to offer a confidential consultancy partnership. We guarantee customer satisfaction through our excellent production processes, delivery, communication and product quality.

TEXFORM insulating Jackets & Heatshields

If you are unable to find a solution, or would like to check a product's details, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.

Sealed Thermal Jackets

An alternative form of construction using heat sealable material.

It is common practice to create insulation jackets for valves and flanges secured with Velcro and draw cords. Layers of siliconised glass cloth with mineral fibre filling are sewn together. This can lead to leakage through the sewn seams allowing water to build up inside the jacket.  This reduces insulating efficacy and can also lead to freezing in low temperatures.  

Heat Shields

Heat shields formed from a composite of insulation materials with and outer stainless steel surface.

Minkon has developed custom-made heat shields for the protection of equipment in high temperature environments.  All heat shields are bonded using suitable agents from Fortafix's range of very high temperature adhesives.
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