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Bespoke Fabrications

Our bespoke industrial jackets, wraps, gaskets and seals offer high temperature, low temperature and environmental protection. We have helped develop tailored products across many industries, including: aeronautical, aerospace, oil & gas, marine, water, construction and manufacturing. We have worked with a variety of clients, ranging from the Ministry of Defence through to Formula One. An essential part of our expertise is our ability to understand and develop a brief. Based on mutual trust, communication is an essential part of this process and allows us to achieve great things with our clients. Bespoke development projects come in all shapes and sizes and Fortafix has the breadth of experience to remain the UK's partner of choice.

Bespoke Fabrications

If you are unable to find a solution, or would like to check a product's details, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.

Glass Fabric Absorption Unit

We were approached by a Cryogenic company to see if we could source and manufacture a material that would withstand extremely low temperatures.

These units are filled with a molecular sieve and baked to a high temperature. The bags are then placed in the vacuum space of a cryogenic container with operating temperature of -196 °C. The purpose is to “mop up” any moisture in the vacuum space to ensure the pressure does not deteriorate, and ultimately causing the failure of the vessel.

Bulkhead Seals for Marine Industry

A specific design for a unique project, these seals had to withstand high temperature and water ingress around bulkhead openings.

The bulkhead openings allow pipes and hoses to travel through the vessels whilst maintaining the integrity of the structure. Ranging from 20mm to 100mm diameter, and taking into consideration the possible introduction of flange plates, they not only had to fit perfectly but had to be installed with an “overlap” procedure. A special material was sourced and then coated in Neoprene. This allowed for both criteria to be met whilst also giving the installers an easy, flexible and robust product to use, ensuring a perfect seal every time.
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