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13 June 2022

Over the course of many years, Fortafix has developed a comprehensive range of trusted stove and heating products. Although the brand has produced glues and cements since the early 1900s, it was in the 1950s that Fortafix first introduced a number of high temperature adhesives and sealants. Since that time the brand has become synonymous with products and solutions for extreme environments.

Stuart Smith, operations manager, explains, "Our range of high-performance solutions for the industrial and domestic heating and cooking industry are specially formulated for stove and flue manufacture, installation and repair. We're rightly proud of the unrivalled quality, value and customer care we provide our clients. We're always on hand to discuss a business' requirements and offer a variety of services, from 'own branding' opportunities to surveys, testing, bespoke solutions and research and development services.

The company's core range of stove and heating products not only includes adhesives, sealants and fire cements, but also a variety of coatings, cleaners, plasters, primers, and even rope kits. At the heart of Fortafix's stove and heating offering are the Flueseal and Flexseal adhesives. Flueseal, used for flue seals and joints, is developed for improved cohesion, adhesion and strength, withstanding temperatures of +1000°C. The Flexseal range is ideally suited to sealing, gap-filling and jointing materials of different thermal expansions, where high temperatures and vibration are a problem. For multi-fuel stoves, the brand offers Fastgleam which is a premium stove and oven glass cleaner and, as a decorative coating, Fortafix SP650 is a matt black aerosol. Also popular is the Fortafix rope kit which provides a long-life durable seal for stove and boiler doors.

Stuart Smith continues, "Our products continuously evolve. We're always looking to perfect our systems, actively engaging in research and development with leading stove manufacturers and suppliers. We're also led by market forces and by the latest domestic trends and fashions. One example is the increased popularity of cassette/inset type fireplaces over the last decade which requires false chimney breasts made, as people know, of calcium silicate board. Fortafix has the Flame Bond range, a high temperature resisting adhesive that will conform to class A1 fire rating to be used in conjunction with Minprime, which is a professional water-based resin primer for surface preparation."

Stuart explains, "Our domestic heating and cooking range is tailored to the industry and designed and developed around the requirements of stove and flue manufactures, installers and repairers. For manufacturers, ensuring quality, efficiency and standards is essential. For installers and repairers, access to reliable high-temperature and fire-resistant products and solutions is vital. We have everything they need at every stage of build and maintenance."

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