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01 November 2020

It's been a whole 10 years since Fortafix launched 'Flueseal'. Developed to help installers of modern wood burning stoves, it is now recognised by many in the industry as the leading flue adhesive sealant.

Fortafix recognised the need to develop a robust and reliable fluepipe seal which could be used in the installation of flues and registry plates. Stuart Smith, operations manager, explains, "In the past, fire cements were the traditional solution, providing the required temperature resistance, however, cements don't always have the physical strength to maintain a reliable seal. Reaching temperatures of 450°C, the expansion and contraction of a metal stove as it heats up and cools down inevitably results in cracks around the flue and stove pipe." He continues, "Flueseal has proven to be a winning formula. It's much easier to work with, provides high cohesion and a very smooth finish. Innovation lies at the heart of all we do and this focus has allowed us to develop a wide range of products which have transformed the fire and stove industry. The huge success and growth of Flueseal over the last ten years is testament to this and something worth celebrating."

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