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01 January 2021

2020 has been a difficult and challenging time for everybody. The year has certainly taken its toll on many businesses: impacting companies, their employees and supply chains. For Minkon, owners of Fortafix (the UK's leading supplier of adhesives, sealants, cements and coatings for high temperature applications), this year has certainly been a test of resilience. As Mal Dodds, managing director, explains, "It's been one of the biggest challenges of the brand's 70 year history." However, with the flexibility of its dedicated team and the loyalty and understanding of its clients, the company has managed to keep busy throughout the crisis, working hard to meet the needs of its customers, with no drop in staff numbers and no marked decrease in productivity. Mal continues, "We're just very grateful to our clients and staff. I'd like to thank everybody for their continued support. They've been fantastic."

One of the common challenges of UK manufacturers to industry and domestic customers has been securing and successfully sourcing production materials from here and overseas. Thankfully for Minkon this is a problem they've been able to solve since, over many years, the company has developed a wide and trusted network of raw material suppliers and has been able to safeguard production capabilities whilst balancing supply, production and customer demand. Mal explains, "The relationships and connections we've forged as a business have proved invaluable. We've been able to secure materials from a wide range of trusted sources to ensure our customers can continue to order from us with confidence."

"Like many companies we've worked hard to ensure it's been business as usual. We've been determined from the start of the crisis not to let it define us as a business. From the quality and availability of our products to the responsiveness and professionalism of our customer care we resolved not to allow the pandemic to act as an excuse for any lowering in our service offering. That approach has kept the business vigilant throughout."

In fact, Minkon is keen to continue its expansion of Fortafix. A leading brand since the 1950s, it has continued to actively meet the changing demands of modern industry by acquiring and developing other unique products and ranges. The Texform range is the company's latest offering, incorporating automated pressing, forming and assembly of high temperature textile products. Texform products include a range of jackets and heat shields for heat insulation, fire and environmental protection, as well as gaskets and filtration products for metal filtration and secure sealing. Stuart Smith, operations manager, explains, "We've built our reputation as the leading developer of highly engineered products. Texform was the next natural step as we strive to grow our reputation for premium solutions for high temperature applications. The range compliments our high temperature adhesives, sealants and cements perfectly."

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