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Sealed Thermal Jackets

An alternative form of construction using heat sealable material.

It is common practice to create insulation jackets for valves and flanges secured with Velcro and draw cords. Layers of siliconised glass cloth with mineral fibre filling are sewn together. This can lead to leakage through the sewn seams allowing water to build up inside the jacket.  This reduces insulating efficacy and can also lead to freezing in low temperatures.  
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With Texform all joints are sealed, giving a watertight jacket that can be hosed clean.  Velcro materials can allow freezing and contamination and so straps are used instead. Draw cords can be incorporated if required and can be replaced easily if contaminated.

Upper limiting temperature is 90°C but there are also more specialised sealable materials, again glass free, that can withstand temperatures of up to 320°C.

Jackets can be designed in a number of colours to suit services being carried and for specific aesthetics. 

The production process allows for quite complex shapes and with such a hardy material there is little need for maintenance. If the material is damaged it can easily be repaired with handheld equipment. 

With prices similar to other glass fibre jackets, the extended lifespan of a sealed jacket makes them a cost-effective solution. 
The waterproof and watertight characteristics of these thermal jackets mean they are perfect for use in water treatment works. They can be hosed clean, they are seamless and use drawcords and straps instead of Velcro to reduce contamination and protect the jackets' insulating capabilities.

Being glass free they are suitable for use in food processing facilities where temperature limitations allow. 
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