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LQ/S6 Quartz based compound

LQ/S6 2 part Filler/Binder system, which forms a ceramic adhesive/cement

  • 2 part Filler/Binder system, which forms a Quartz based ceramic adhesive/cement
  • Water based
  • Chemical setting action
  • Designed for bonding, assembling, sealing, jointing or repairing glass, ceramics, metals, quartz etc
  • Possesses excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical properties
  • A maximum continuous operating temperature of >1000ºC
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LQ/S6 2 Part chemical set.
  • Suitable for Bonding, Thin Films/Coatings, Thick Sections and Potting/ Encapsulation
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • High dielectric strength
  • Maximum Continuous Service Temperature: >1000°C
  • Available as a Filler/Binder Pack, which when mixed forms a viscous off -white paste
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