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High Silica Fibreglass mesh filter

Woven from high silica fibreglass yarn and coated with a special resin for molten iron and non ferrous materials.

  • Working temp - ≤1450°C
  • Softening temp – 1700°C
  • Working time - <10 mins @ 1400/1450°C
  • Thickness – 0.5mm
  • Hole size – 1.5 upto 2.5mm²
This product is not available online.

To make an enquiry, call +44 (0)1429 273252 or message us.
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Improves fluidity and metal distribution
  • Removes micron sized inclusions and impurities
  • Can be used with existing pattern equipment
  • Eliminates inclusions created by ceramic chips
  • Can be formed into any shape
  • Can be supplied as flat sheet to allow for own sizing
Alloy Recommended Mesh Size
White Iron 1.5mm
Gray Iron (pouring weight below 100kg) 1.5mm
Gray Iron (pouring weight above 100kg) 2.0mm
Malleable Iron 1.5mm
Compacted Graphite Iron 2.0mm & 1.5mm
Ductile Iron (pouring weight below 100kg) 2.0mm
Ductile Iron (pouring weight above 100kg) 2.5mm
Carbon Steel 1.5mm
Stainless Steel 1.5mm
Brass 2.0mm & 1.5mm
Bronze 2.0mm & 1.5mm
Aluminium 2.0mm, 1.5mm & 1.0mm
  • In mould filtration like sand casting , gravity casting etc
  • In riser sleeves, at the bottom or across ports in walls
  • To provide a weakened plane for riser knock off
  • Easily cut to shape for investment casting filtration
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