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Heat Shields

Heat shields formed from a composite of insulation materials with and outer stainless steel surface.

Minkon has developed custom-made heat shields for the protection of equipment in high temperature environments.  All heat shields are bonded using suitable agents from Fortafix's range of very high temperature adhesives.
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To make an enquiry, call +44 (0)1429 273252 or message us.
The example image above is of a shield used with an exhaust pipe running at temperatures greater than 700°C. The inner surface uses flat sheet to radiate as much heat as possible back into the pipe. The performance insulating material reduces the amount of heat energy reaching the outer layer. The dimple surface provides as much surface area as possible to dissipate heat efficiently. Minkon has also developed heat shields for robotic furnace machines which protect against splash, as well as heat.  Managing heat within such machines is critical to protect heat-sensitive electronic components,  thus improving reliability.
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