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Magsett is a 2 Part fast setting refractory cement/encapsulant suitable for high temperature applications.

  • 2 Part fast setting refractory cement/encapsulant
  • Resistant to heat of +1400°C and mechanical shock.
  • Resistant to water, solvents and acids.
  • Can be mixed with water or binder for faster setting binding.
  • Available in various pack sizes.
This product is not available online.

To make an enquiry, call +44 (0)1429 273252 or message us.
FORTAFIX MAGSETT cement has been designed as a porcelain-like fast setting resilient cement capable of withstanding severe thermal and mechanical shocks. The set cement forms a dense, hard material which is resistant to water, solvents and many acids and alkaline materials. Temperature resistant to +1400°C.
Cementing and encapsulation of ceramic and metal components and assemblies.
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