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Ceramix U529NH

Developed as a strain gauge adhesive for heat resistant steels it has many other similar applications.

  • Temperature resistant to +750C
  • Matched thermal expansion to high temperature metal alloys.
  • Formula based on original Brimor product.
  • Non Hazardous.
  • Colour – Light Grey
  • Available in 100ml (70Gm) bottle.
This product is not available online.

To make an enquiry, call +44 (0)1429 273252 or message us.
Fortafix Ceramix U529 is designed to use on heat resistant steels and 'Nimonic' alloys, and when applied to these materials has an operating range up to temperatures of 750°C. It can however, be applied with equal facility to the low alloy steels, cast iron, and also to some non-ferrous metals such as brass, titanium, copper and aluminium alloys. In these cases the bond is not so effective as on to steel, due to the effects on cement/metal bonding or surface oxidation of the metal at elevated temperatures. U529 is used in practice where a high degree of cement/metal adhesion is required - such as would be encountered where gauges are attached to gas turbine rotor components revolving at high speed and are subject to the effects of centrifugal load, gas erosion, and temperatures up to 750°C.
Fixing of strain gauges to Nimonic Steels and other high temperature metal alloys i.e. Bearing housing, turbine mounts etc.
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