Minkon have a proven record of developing products for specific technical applications or own branding Fortafix established adhesives, sealants and cements to complement a customer’s own range. Below are some examples.

Expanded Stove range
Expanded Stove range

The Fortafix name is well known in the industry as suppliers of the highest standard UK Manufactured products. Minkon Ltd have been encouraged by our customers to expand the Fortafix range to service the demand for products to meet the needs of the premium stove market. Below are examples of the new products introduced.

  • Premium Stove Rope Kits – Using UK manufactured materials Minkon have incorporated all the necessary components to produce a high quality long lasting seal.  The Fortafix Flexseal Adhesive overcomes the issues found with traditional silica based adhesives being resisted by the silicone based paints used on modern stove finishes. Comes complete with Fibre Glass rope, High Temperature Silicone Adhesive, Finishing Tape and Vinyl Gloves. 

  • Min-Prime G100. – Addressing the need for a primer to allow for Plastering of Calcium Silicate board used in construction of chimney breasts and stove housings, Minkon have developed Min-Prime G100. The product is a non-hazardous fast drying primer which seals and improves the surface adhesion. 

  • Flexseal. – Previously supplied in 300ml Cartridges, Minkon have introduced a 80ml package size to suit customers requirements. The Flexseal is a very high solids content flexible adhesive sealant with high temperature resistance up to 300°C. ideally suited for fixing fibre rope to stove doors, sealing flue pipe  on external walls or holding oven door glass inplace. Available in Black. 

  • Slate Oil – A premium slate oil which removes oxidation and seals and protects natural slate and stone. 

  • SP650 Aerosol Paint – Although well established as a premium high solids content paint, Minkon have rebranded the product to meet the demands of the premium stove industry. Provides a long lasting decorative coating on to iron & steel. Excellent spray pattern for 'touch-in' work, and for medium and large areas. Packaged - 400 ml aerosol can. 

  • FastGleam Stove and Oven Glass Cleaner – Developed to remove stubborn carbon / grease deposits the FastGleam is a concentrated aerosol based foam producing cleaner which gives fast and effective results.